Managed Care Services

Managed Care Offerings

  • Chronic Medicine Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Disease Risk Management
  • Oncology Risk Management
  • Provider Management
  • Member Profiling
  • Clinical Support Initiatives and Programmes
  • Management Information Services

HIV/AIDS Management

The HIV/AIDS Management Programme allows early identification of the HIV disease, ensuring optimal and sound clinical interventions to those affected or infected from HIV/AIDS. The programme also promotes control of the disease by making treatment available and accessible, as well as ensuring that affected members fully understand their medical aid HIV benefits.

The key aim of the programme is to reduce morbidity and mortality and improve the quality of life for all patients while ensuring on going education, counselling and advice on nutrition in strict confidence.

    By joining this programme, members gain:

  • Access to benefits that cover the cost of HIV/AIDS-related treatments, including anti-retro-viral medicines and blood tests
  • Access to qualified specialized Well-Care managers who provide counselling, advice and support
  • Access to dedicated, confidential help and fax line
  • Access to a holistic management approach, as 3Sixty Health Well-Care is linked to other wellness and healthcare programmes

Technology is used to integrate managed care with patient care. Due to the fact that various platforms share the same underlying databases, 3Sixty Health can provide sophisticated data management and powerful reporting tools to identify unfavorable practice profiles for both providers and members. * With information integrated into the daily workflow, founders and providers can make more informed decisions, serve members better and gain a competitive edge.