Sizwe Medical Funds

Sizwe Medical Fund has a rich and interesting history. It’s one we continue to build on as we carry on caring for the health of the nation. Sizwe’s original aim was to address the disparities that left people of colour in South Africa without proper healthcare. The fund was started in 1978 by a group of mainly black doctors including Dr Nthato Motlana, Dr PB Loots, Dr CPN Mokgesi and Dr A Tlakula to provide healthcare solutions to these under serviced communities. Prior to starting Sizwe, members of this group started the holding company called Kwacha in the early 1970s, which began donating money to a bursary fund used to educate black medical students.

After starting up Sizwe and Sizwe Medical Services (now 3Sixty Health Solutions) as the administration company, they needed a white partner due to the political circumstances of the time. For this reason, they partnered with Medscheme until 1988. During this time they approached various companies with blue-collar workers to persuade them to sign up as members. It was through this process that Sizwe built important relationships with the unions.

Sizwe has subsequently grown to be one of the top ten medical schemes serving all people of South Africa, remaining true to its roots with a caring approach and a commitment to the community.