The Board of Directors

Dr Nomonde Mabuya-Moloele is the Chief Executive Officer of 3Sixty Heath.

She is a Qualified Occupational Medicine Specialist, studied Aerospace Medicine and Travel Medicine.

Some of her current and former clients include SARB, SABN, Telkom, Standard Bank, Vodacom, Duraset, Necsa and Roche Pharma and Diagnostics. She is a former chairperson of Resolution Health Medical Scheme, Health Squared Medical Scheme and a member of the international women’s forum of SA.

She previously did a few study tours overseas namely.

  1. Nuclear energy safety and nuclear medicine in Russia – Moscow
  2. Non-ionizing radiation exposure at the workplace and continued exposure to wireless and base station technology in Switzerland - Geneva
  3. Waste Treatment study tour in Austria and water treatment plants in the USA
  4. BRICs business summit in India-New Delhi

She is a medicolegal expert and co-contributor in the development of the narrative test guidelines, currently used by the Road Accident Fund in assessing victims of road crashes in South Africa. She used to chair the HPCSA RAF Tribunal Committee.

Dr Nomonde Mabuya-Moloele is one of contributing occupational medical experts who developed the minimum standards of fitness to perform work in mines, to ensure compliance to the Mine Health and Safety Act. This guideline is now being used by the Department of Mineral Energy in SA since the 5th of February 2016.